A Reproductive Lexicon


Ownership of this website has been transferred from Northwestern University to Michigan State University.
Please note that some site information may be inaccurate while adjustments to reflect this organizational change are made.

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Getting Started

  1. Create a Developer Account
  2. Generate a Consumer Key
    Consumer Key Management
    1. Open the Consumer Key Management
    2. Click "Add Consumer"
    3. Under "Consumer name", enter a name for your application/website
    4. Under "Callback URL", enter 'http://YOUR_DOMAIN'. This value is not used.
    5. Click 'Save'
    6. Click 'OAuth Consumers'
    7. Click 'Edit' next to your newly created 'Consumer' name
    8. Under 'key' you'll find your Consumer Key.
    9. Enter the domains where you'll be installing RepropediaJS.
    10. Save

In your site:

  1. Identify or add a css class to the DOM element that contains the repropedia terms you would like to have tagged.
  2. In the header of your site, Include jQuery 1.7.2+